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Detailing Packages

We offer three auto detailing packages that cover most needs. You may also request additional services as needed.

Larger, exotic, and/or excessively dirty vehicles are priced higher.

Level 1 Detail

$ 195 and up
  • Wash
  • Clay
  • Dry
  • Evaluate
  • Protect
  • Wheels
  • Interior
  • Glass
  • Inspect

Level 2 Detail

$ 395 and up
  • Wash
  • Clay
  • Dry
  • Evaluate
  • Prep
  • Polish
  • Protect
  • Wheels
  • Interior
  • Fabric
  • Glass
  • Inspect

Our Process

A proper auto detail service is a labor-intensive and methodical process that can take years to master. This process may include some or all of the following steps depending on the level of service requested.

1: Wash

We meticulously wash away any loose contaminants from all exterior surfaces while taking precautionary measures to avoid marring the finish.

2: Evaluate

We examine your vehicle for any above-surface contaminants and below-surface defects. We then consult with you to decide if these issues should be addressed.

3: Clay

Above-surface contaminants (dirt, dust, road grime, etc.) will often bond to your vehicle's paint. We use a specialized detailing clay to remove them--producing a smooth and reflective finish.

4: Dry

We carefully dry your vehicle with thick microfiber towels and/or use a professional air blower to minimize scratches and prevent water from dripping onto your freshly cleaned vehicle.

5: Polish*

We machine polish your vehicle's painted surfaces which significantly enhances the paint's gloss, clarity, and depth. This is only included in our Level 2 Detailing package.

6: Prep

We prepare the vehicle's painted surfaces for the next step by removing any wax residue, polishing oils, or polymers left behind. We may wash the vehicle once again if necessary.

7: Protect

We protect your vehicle's finish by applying wax, a polymer sealant, or a ceramic coating. Each has its pros and cons and it's important that you understand the limitations of each product.

8: Wheels

We wash away any loose contaminants from wheel faces, lug nuts, outer wheel barrels, and the outer lip. We use a water-based dressing that leaves tires with a clean, matte look.  

9: Interior

We vacuum all carpeted areas including the floor, floor mats, seats, and trunk. We then apply a water-based solution to all hard surfaces for a clean and dust-free finish with no oily residue.  

10: Fabric

Leather, vinyl, and cloth fabrics require different techniques and products for proper care. We wipe them down with water-based detergent and a layer of protection is applied. 

11: Glass

We deep clean all glass and mirrored surfaces to a streak-free and crystal-clear finish. We use a professional-grade cleaner that safely removes built-up dirt, grime, grease, and film.

12: Inspect

We inspect our work to ensure a thorough and professional auto detail. This often-overlooked and final step distinguishes your vehicle as a well-kept source of pride.

Additional Service Options

These services may be added to any of our detailing packages as needed. Pricing may vary based on the size, type, and condition of your vehicle.

  • Paint Correction $300+

    Remove light haze and very light scratches from paint. May require multiple steps (pricing is per step).

  • Paint Coating $395+

    Best available paint protection. Excellent scratch resistance, dramatically enhanced gloss & superior durability.

  • Polymer Paint Sealant $100+

    2nd best available paint protection. Enhanced gloss with up to 6 months of durability.

  • Headlight Restoration (Pair) $100+

    Restore clarity and visibility to headlight lenses by removing cloudy, yellowed haze.

  • Leather Rejuvenation $100+

    More than a cleaning, this process feeds and nourishes old, worn-out leather back to health.

  • Water Spot Removal $100+

    Remove water mineral stains from paintwork, glass, and polished metal surfaces.

  • Steam Clean Interior $100+

    Clean, deodorize and disinfect leather/vinyl seating surfaces with steam vapor.

  • Black Trim & Plastic Restoration $100+

    Permanently restore exterior trim surfaces to a deep, rich, black finish--without the wet look.

  • Pet Hair Removal $25+

    Remove stubborn pet hair from automotive carpet, mats and upholstery.

  • Sand Removal $25+

    Vacuum stubborn sand from automotive carpet, mats and upholstery.

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