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To better understand ceramic coatings, let’s look at the most common paint-protection products. 

First there was Wax–it is organic, affordable, and available in many formulations ranging from a paste to a spray. Unfortunately, wax is not very durable and should be applied multiple times per year. Even a harsh soap can easily break through that thin layer of wax.

Then came Synthetic Sealants which were designed to be easily applied and outlast traditional wax by several months. One downside is that they typically don’t offer the same deep shine that a high quality wax can.

Both are outmatched by Ceramic Coatings which are silica-based liquid polymers. Once installed, coatings cure to form a protective layer that, when properly maintained, are very durable and can be effective for several years.

Durability and long-lasting protection is the main reason vehicle owners choose a ceramic coating. Once installed, a ceramic coating will form a hydrophobic layer of protection that prevents water stains, road grime, bird droppings, and other substances from reaching and harming the paint.

The hydrophobic layer will repel water, meaning that mineral deposits and dirt have less opportunity to damage the coated surfaces.

Ceramic coatings offer unrivaled protection but they are not bulletproof. Your car won’t suddenly have an impenetrable barrier.

You must maintain a ceramic coating with frequent brush-free washes (to avoid swirls and scratches) and occasional treatment with a particular spray which, thankfully, owners can do themselves.

Ceramic Coatings are the best available paint protection product in the industry and provide outstanding gloss, shine, and paint protection for your vehicle.

What this means for your vehicle is dramatically enhanced appearance, outstanding protection, and superb ease of maintenance.

Simply stated, ceramic coatings are the best all-in-one paint protection solution on the market today.

At LUMINOUS, we offer the highest quality ceramic coatings that stand up to the test of time and ensure your paint is pristine and protected.

When you choose Envious Detailing, your car is receiving the highest quality treatment from start to finish. There are hundreds of different coating products available on the market, but you can rest easy trusting Envious Detailing’s choice for premium ceramic protection.

At LUMINOUS, we are Master Certified installers of the best available, professional-grade Ceramic Coatings on the market right now. 

The range of coatings we offer has expanded beyond automotive coatings to aviation, marine, and industrial coatings.

Our ceramic coatings offer the latest advancements in the auto detailing and paint protection industry. Ceramic coatings are a permanent wax replacement and offer far more advanced paint protection than any wax or sealant on the market. Ceramic coatings are a long-term solution to save on auto detailing and paint/vehicle value preservation.

Ceramic Coatings Done Right

Quality Craftsmanship

Craftsmanship is a quality that comes from passion, care, and attention to detail. It's a quality that we're constantly working toward. Anyone can claim to know ceramic coating installations. What sets us apart is the pride we take in our craft.

Quality Products

We only install professional grade ceramic coatings. Providing a clean, shiny, and protected finish that lasts for years. Choose any of our ceramic coating options and you can count on us for professional grade results. Guaranteed!

Quality Service

You won’t see us wearing a suit and tie to your ceramic coating appointment. But you can expect us to be professional in appearance and demeanor. We’re ethical, reliable, trustworthy, and will treat your property with respect.

I would absolutely recommend him to anyone. Especially someone who is a car enthusiast. Above all, I really recommend his Ceramic coating!

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Ceramic Coatings Gone Green

Less Water

Fresh water is a precious and scarce natural resource. We conserve by using fewer gallons during our washing process. Much less than a typical car wash or auto detailing company.

Less Runoff

Virtually no water runoff is produced by our modern detailing techniques. Water runoff drains directly into the ocean which pollutes our ecosystem and harms aquatic life.

Less Pollution

Our biodegradable and water-soluble products meet EPA standards. Thus leaving your vehicle with a slick & glossy finish while releasing no harmful compounds.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Our Guarantee is simple. If you are not completely satisfied with the services we have provided, let us know immediately, and we will correct the situation.

Our Process

A proper ceramic coating installation is a labor-intensive and methodical process.

1: Wash

We meticulously wash away any loose contaminants from all exterior surfaces while taking precautionary measures to avoid marring the finish.

2: Clay

Above-surface contaminants (dirt, dust, road grime, etc.) will often bond to your vehicle's paint. We use a specialized detailing clay to remove them--producing a smooth and reflective finish.

3: Dry

We carefully dry your vehicle with thick microfiber towels and/or use a professional air blower to minimize scratches and prevent water from dripping onto your freshly cleaned vehicle.

4: Polish

We machine polish your vehicle's painted surfaces which significantly enhances the paint's gloss, clarity, and depth. Paint correction would be a separate and additional cost.

5: Prep

We prepare the vehicle's painted surfaces for the ceramic coating by removing any wax residue, polishing oils, or polymers left behind. We may wash the vehicle once again if necessary.

6: Coat

We apply the ceramic coating. There are three options to choose from. Each has its pros and cons and it is important that you understand the limitations of each product.

7: Inspect

We inspect our work to ensure a thorough and professional ceramic coating installation. This step distinguishes your vehicle as a well-kept source of pride.

8: Follow-Up

We come back one week later and wash your vehicle. This often-overlooked step allows us to verify that the coating has bonded properly while we teach you how to maintain your coating.

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